Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wiki filter for Drupal

One of the known problems with Drupal is no Wiki module. It is possible to put together a Wiki using various resources but the biggest stumbling block is the text filter.

There have been attempts and some successes. The current perceived wisdom is to use FlexiFilter - sorry but it's just too cumbersome. In fact nightmarish.

And I needed a Wiki filter for a project so this evening I spent 5 hours writing a Wiki filter for Drupal 7.

Does pretty much everything you could want including nested OL/UL lists which can be mixed - I only mention that particularly because it was a bitch. Otherwise it's got italics, bold, underline, strikethrough, h2-h6, blockquotes, code (pre), superscript and subscript.

So to set up a Wiki Text format on Drupal 7 you use these in this order:

  • Limit allowed HTML tags - to none, to clear out any tags in the text.
  • Then my filter
  • Convert line breaks
  • Assign IDs to anchors (From the TOC module)
  • Table of contents filter module
  • Freelinking module to deal with URL links

Then have WikiTools hijack Freelinking (it's an option). And configure the rest as desired.

Voila! A Drupal Wiki.

I will be putting it onto presently.


Jozef Starosta said...

Where can I find your module?

Adaddinsane said...

Sorry I haven't been here in months - the module isn't published I'm afraid.