Sunday, 11 September 2011

field_extract module in beta

EDIT: Now out of beta. Fully implemented.

EDIT: You can now get the module from and it works properly with Drush.

My incredibly useful field_extract module is now available on I am slightly embarrassed because something went wrong in the project creation process so the actual URL is:

And when you download it the module comes inside another folder "1158878". In fact this will work just as it comes, you'll just get the folder 1158878 in your modules folder with field_extract inside that.

If you're competent you can extract the inner "field_extract" module and get rid of the outer 1158878 folder but, as I say, it should work out of the box anyway. (I may get around to re-uploading it properly at some point but I can't wait any longer to get it out to you.)

So what does it do? For a start, this is only a developer's module. It does nothing by itself and should only be downloaded if requested by another module. But what it does do is provide a couple of functions that make it much easier to extract field data from entities.

The project page provides clear instructions on how to use it.



CS Design Co said...

Right on man, can't wait to take a look. Thanks for posting.

Peter Marse said...


can this module be used to print the contents of a user field in a template? I installed the module and attempted to do so, but could not get it to work. I need to print a field I created in the Drupal user account (it is called "allergies").


Adaddinsane said...

Sorry about the delay in replying - the module isn't intended for that, it's for people who write custom modules.