Monday, 21 March 2011

Coming to a website near you

Now I don't want you to get too excited but I have recently completed two little Drupal 7 modules designed to make my life easier - so may well help other developers:

This takes the little function I built to extract values from fields to the extreme by attaching "extractors" to the cached field type data, and then using the appropriate extractor to extract the data from a field. So there's one extractor that gets nodes, another that gets terms, another for fields, for body, for text, for integers and so on. It follows proper Drupal guidelines and is completely extensible.

Makes it easy to build a downloadable Zip archive using stream_wrappers. You give it a temporary filename and an array of file info arrays (or file entities) and it gives you a file path you can use for downloading. The module also handles the downloading part when a user accesses the link.


It may take a few days to get them on to but I'll let you know.

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